Friday, July 10, 2009


Here is a smattering of clips of my work, divided by topic, of course! Enjoy!

Editor Duties

  • Editor for 2 years on BellaOnline for the Infertility Site, the Art History Site, and the Biology Site.
  • Non-fiction editor for 1 year at the Writer's Room Magazine.
  • Recently appointed Feaure Writer for the Writing Fiction topic at Suite.101(1/2007)
  • Recently appointed the Reading Editor over at (1/2007)
Parenting Matters
The Writing Craft

Books & Reading

Essays & Columns
  • Watermarked Dreams - The Imperfect Parent, August 2006
  • Going Home Again - Eastern Shore News (Nov. 2002), reprinted in the Virginian Pilot (Jan. 2003)
  • On Adoption -Eastern Shore News, December 2003
  • Observation Post: Communicate With Your Kids Day - Eastern Shore Post, December 2003
  • Read to the Children Early On - Eastern Shore News, December 2002
  • Observation Post: Stress-free Holidays - Eastern Shore Post, November 2003
  • Pregnancy is No Excuse - Eastern Shore News, July 2003
  • You Never Know What's Around the Bend - Eastern Shore News, January 2002
  • It Only Takes a Minute for a Child to Be Missing - Eastern Shore News

Book Reviews

News & Newsworthy

Odd Snipets from Published Works - From book reviews of Artifact

  • Call Me Caroline (published as Call me Virginia) in the May '05 issue of True Confessions Magazine
  • The Voice on the Line- published in (the now defunct zine) Rag Doll in 2005
  • Short story Still-Life Paintings has been accepted for publication at The Chick-Lit Review in 03/2007

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